Saturday, December 14, 2013

Counting down

Today : 14th december 2013

lets do a count down.

4 weeks and 2 days till winter exam.

6 weeks till Italia, london and espana.

Only, if Allah wills.

"Jagalah Allah dan Allah akan menjagamu."
(Hadith riwayat Tirmizi, Hadith ke 19 susunan Imam Nawawi)

The question is, kita dah jaga Allah kah?


My favourite season is here. WINTER ER ER. chumacecoe zima.

I wonder how snow flakes have such beautiful shapes!


3 types of yaqeen that is mentioned in quran.

Ilmal yaqeen and ainal yaqeen is mentioned is surah Takathur.

An analogy of them.

while you are walking, you see a smoke comes out from a building. So based on your knowledge ('ilm) you conclude that theres a fire. Did you see the fire? NO.

This is ilmal yaqeen, a certainty based on knowledge.

If you are still unsatisfied, you come nearer to the building, and now you see the fire. and of course you are convinced that the bulding is on fire.

this is ainal yaqeen.

Okay fine, you said. there might be an optical illusion you know? when the fire you see isnt actually a fire, so the fool you try to put your finger in the fire, wanna make sure, is it real or not?
yeah, now you are convinced, it really is.

This is haqqul yaqeen.

So we humans, Allah puts us on a higher level that only based on our knowledge, our akal, we can have faith in Allah, akhirat is so real, death is so real. Allah is really there, watching us, listening to us. Our daily acts sometimes do not show that we reaaaaally believe in that. T_T

So back to snowflakes, based on our knowledge something so amazing, so wonderful, and every single thing must have a creator. We might not SEE Him. We might not TOUCH Him. But,

He's there. Ilmal yaqeen.

ps. back to dermato. yosh!

pps. ya Latifu ultuf bina..

 (O Gentle One, be gentle with us)