Monday, October 31, 2011

You're a firework



 Go on and MAKE URSELF one of them.


someone told me, there is no better motivation than your self motivation.

cos you just know what to say to yourselves at that particular time. :)

the sexay sagwa.

ps. teringin nak jadi hebattt !

pps. especially utk kelas pharmaco esok :)


Friday, October 28, 2011

love is in the air

Hari yang dinanti adalah esok :D

next week cuti yes ! no microb and pathphys next saturday. kihkih.
cukuplah utk jadi motivasi malam ni.

since my coffee works tonight, listening to jiwang song is permitted.

ps. disneyland disneyland disneyland :D

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Juggling with classes. Hopefully i can manage them all.


Kalau nak kisah pasal markah kelas. boleh nangis kot tgk markah dalam jurnal Povetkina.

But God knows i studied last night ^^ so, whatever lah.


location : Stalovaya [canteen]

A : sedih lah tgk kawan2 sendiri ponteng lecture.

B : entah. responsibility kita kot. tak kisah la lecture tu nanti ada orang share soft copy dalam fb ke tak. tanggungjawab tu yang Allah tanya nanti.

A : hmm. wah FREE jugak la students third year nie klau dorang ponteng lecture. before 12 dah boleh balik dah.

B : =.='' agak lah.

Allah itu Maha ADIL. awak percaya ? ^_^

Duk bising pemimpin bazir duit rakyat. kita macam mana?


Since coffee is not working. this song keeps me awake for these few days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FALLING in love

The autumn leaves of red and gold need to be captured. with our faces inside of course :p

An awesome 'photo-outing' day with my girlfriends.

ps. you know the awkward moment when the taxi driver heard the sound of your hungry stomach? erkk. aynn lapar lah dyadya. =.='

dyadya = uncle

Assalamualaikum :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Semanis kurma

Oct 10, 2011  9:35:31 AM

Location : Department of Pathological Anatomy

*I new message*

Ibu Terhebat (mobile)

Salam tadi ibu kemas katil adik rupa2nya adik kakak ni rindu kat kakak. Banyak gambar2 kakak dia letak bawah bantal dia. Sian dia. Tp dia kata kat kakak dia tak rindu kan. Adik tipu je.


ni bertambah sayang adik nih.

pharmaco, here i come !

my lovely alhijr girls :)

ps. mamaev kurgan esok :D

Assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Practice what you preach


Beberapa jam yang lalu, saya ada share dgn usrahmates yang lain mengenai article yang saya terbaca hari tu.

"People leave each other, but do they return?"

What do you think?

Did Musa return to his mother?

Did Yusuf return to his father?

Did Hajar return to Ibrahim?


What is taken by Allah, is never lost.

Allah akan ganti balik. tapi kita tak tahu in what form.

Kadang-kadang bila Allah bagi kita 'hadiah', kita leka dengan 'hadiah' tu. We become too dependent on those gifts, instead of Him. And up to one point we can't even live without them.

Jadi Ar-Rahim pun ambil balik hadiah tu sebab terlalu sayangkan kita dan nak rapat dengan kita.

One day when we know how to put things in their proper places in our minds, hearts and lives, insyaAllah He will give the gift back. or perhaps something better kan?


Yes. i said this. and the moment i arrived home, i switched on my laptop, it became crazily blinking and 'tup' blank screen and until now I still can do nothing but just staring at my poor lappy.

erkkk T_T

Did I pay too much attention to my laptop till I abandon my Creator?

I think Allah is testing me whether i can really practice what i preached :(

Ya Rahman, i know what is lost is not lost forever kan? Can i have my laptop back ? :(  

ps. :((((

pps. thanks mama bagi pinjam laptop :)

ppps. Through loss, our hearts turn entirely to face Him. hopefully, they are still sensitive and not blind :)