Sunday, October 9, 2011

Practice what you preach


Beberapa jam yang lalu, saya ada share dgn usrahmates yang lain mengenai article yang saya terbaca hari tu.

"People leave each other, but do they return?"

What do you think?

Did Musa return to his mother?

Did Yusuf return to his father?

Did Hajar return to Ibrahim?


What is taken by Allah, is never lost.

Allah akan ganti balik. tapi kita tak tahu in what form.

Kadang-kadang bila Allah bagi kita 'hadiah', kita leka dengan 'hadiah' tu. We become too dependent on those gifts, instead of Him. And up to one point we can't even live without them.

Jadi Ar-Rahim pun ambil balik hadiah tu sebab terlalu sayangkan kita dan nak rapat dengan kita.

One day when we know how to put things in their proper places in our minds, hearts and lives, insyaAllah He will give the gift back. or perhaps something better kan?


Yes. i said this. and the moment i arrived home, i switched on my laptop, it became crazily blinking and 'tup' blank screen and until now I still can do nothing but just staring at my poor lappy.

erkkk T_T

Did I pay too much attention to my laptop till I abandon my Creator?

I think Allah is testing me whether i can really practice what i preached :(

Ya Rahman, i know what is lost is not lost forever kan? Can i have my laptop back ? :(  

ps. :((((

pps. thanks mama bagi pinjam laptop :)

ppps. Through loss, our hearts turn entirely to face Him. hopefully, they are still sensitive and not blind :)

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