Thursday, January 19, 2012

Russian Winter

and how can you not love the snow?

pengubat stress dikala nak exam =.=''

"There are NO REAL obstacles in life. The only obstacle is if you want to do it"

ps. i still can't believe i sang 'Ya vas lubil' by Pushkin to the lecturers just now. NEVER gonna sing it again. =.='

ok bai. nak pecut baca microb. only 4 days left, seriouslyyyyy :( 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Philosopher - NOT !

Assalamualaikum :)

According to 'AYNNISM', hari selepas exam adalah hari bersuka ria tanpa mengendahkan subject exam yang seterusnya. =p

TIPU. *serabut lagi dgn microbe. tak tahu nak mula baca dari mana* T_T

alhamdulillah. done with philosophy. subject mengarut bila manusia zaman dahulu kala mula bertanya tentang 'origin' mereka.

Ada yang kata manusia ni dari AIR. Ada yang kata dari UDARA. blergh.

Kalau lah mereka baca Quran kan senang. terang-terang Allah dah bgtau jawapannya.

Tertanya juga tidak sampaikah Islam kepada mereka? atau mereka tidak mengendahkannya? tak tahu.


Tapi belajar bioethics best jugak ! :) Prinsip-prinsip moral yang seorang doktor patut tahu.


Right after exam we went out to Yarkitoriya. Makan-makan, belanja mal.


May Allah grant all your wishes! <3 sayang kamu sangat2 lahhh. Let's create some more wonderful memories in this 3 years plus we have ^_^ insyaAllah.

 and these are some of the memories created today :))

the bday girl

bday tak girl :p


reserved? YES :)

bila lagi nak snap gambar depan rumah? :p

As you can see, we ate like a boss! mata pun ngantuk =.=''

Doakan exam kami yang seterusnya : Russian language and microbiology.
*in case ade orang baca blog*

May peace be upon you.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Asset or liability?

Video ni, tengok 10 kali pun tak jemu. Tengok 10 kali pun masih terasa.

And tonight i really miss the only one who treated me like a princess way before ibu stopped being garang. 
The only one who used to tarik my dagu when i was merajuk.
The one who first cried secretly after sending me to boarding school.  *ibu told me this*
The one who never hang up the phone before saying he loves me too.
The one who never trust me when i say the exam was very hard.
The one who supported me all the way even when i was joking around saying i want to be a music director.
The one who smiled even when things go wrong and thought he could hide them from me.
The one who would do anything for his family until he was ill.

If I want to list down all the things he did to me for 18 years, it will take forever.

Hopefully I can be his asset, not liability.

A friend once said to me, "aynn, sikit pun benda baik aynn buat, abah pun dapat sama."

and I'm aware that it is also VICE VERSA.

so please tell me if I do something wrong, pretty please.

ps. hope this benefits you.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Give me a chance to win your heart

, dear 2012.

This year on 29th August, i'll be 21! *boleh kahwinnnn!*

Well numbers don't matter. The most important think is being more MATURE! mature in how you see things, how you react towards a problem, mature in giving opinions, mature in making a decision.

pheeewh, and the list goes on.

and like any other human beings in this world, i hope for the best for 2012.

Hopefully dapat jadi anak, kakak, adik, dan kawan yang solehah. In future, a solehah doctor, wife and mother, insyaAllah :p hehe


Hari tu dapat a msg from a junior of mine from mrsm lgk. She asked me to write some wisdom words for the new comers. And I was like okayy, i know i'm not 'qualified' enough to inspire other people. But I gave it a try. It wouldn't do any harm pun kan? :)

Lepas tu terbaca an entry from abg maher's blog. He said, i mean he wrote, memang secara lumrahnya juniors akan pandang tinggi seniors. It doesn't mean that the seniors are flawless. But we can actually learn a lot from them, even from their mistakes. =') tsk tsk. i really miss my juniors in lgk.

We were very close because i was a LDP for their floor. So any fights, not going to surau for subuh prayers, any curiosities, difficulties, they searched for kakak ldp. -.-'' My fav memory of them was when they organized a candle light dinner for us on their last night before going home as form 1 students, few weeks b4 spm :(

Alhamdulillah, i met so many wonderful ppl so far, and i hope 2012 will do the same ! :D

With arms wide open, i welcome you, 2012. ^_^

ps. and dear seniors, i really look up to you guys, even when i was in standard one, when i think those seniors in standard 6 were all grown-ups.

Assalamualaikum :)