Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday morning


inilah b'fast tersedap kat volgo :p kadang2 boleh jugak dibuat lunch kalau lapar sangat.

"Learn to accept the seasons of your heart, like you accept winter, fall and summer. Spring never lasts forever. But that's okay. The winter is cold, but beautiful. Fall is windy, but full of colour. And summer is hot, but in that heat, still grow the most beautiful roses." 

Yasmin Mogahed


So, dearest hati, sekarang musim apa?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Indian Vistavka

vistavka = exhibition

esok medical check up, hari ni borong tudung.

Russians pun berebut jugak nak beli pashminas.

Harap one day mereka pun berhijab ^^

Assalamualaikum :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

As busy as a bee



thank God it's saturday :D 

after microb and pathphys today, i really wanna do nothing tonight except for counting sheeps.


"Why must i be the cause for someone to be thrown into the hell fire?"
-Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal-

bosan2 before lecture surgery

No i don't want to. 

MashaAllah, He can just give the right tarbiyyah at the right time. <3

ps. spain or london, i can't decide yettt.

pps. one week feels like 2 days only. this is good.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Danial Aizat Ruslan

To my dearest little brother,

writing this entry while listening to this song can make my house carpet wet. Because this is the song that i would listen to whenever i miss my little brother. Wanna know why? when i was at home, he kept on playing this song with his keyboard and belagak jadi macam yiruma.


i hope one day when you know how to google ur name, u'll find this.

Just want you to know, even though i scream at you all the time, pretending to be the youngest in the family, you'll forever be my adik. [although sometimes i call you abang, you know how i love attentions at home] >.<

i know you were annoyed at me when i lied to you that ibu was calling for you downstairs. and when you ran to her, she just gave u a weird stare. you see, i dont like you staying in your room for the whole day.

Remember i paid you rm 1 just to teman me watching cerita hantu? the movie wasn't that scary pun. we rarely sit infront of the tv and watch movies together. i don't like the cartoons u watched :)

I know having a sister who loves to wave at you and say 'BABAI ADIK!' loudly when sending u off to school is so not cool right? aha, that's the point. you have what your friends dont. A LOVELY SISTER <3 lol

Thank you for eating my udang percik and ayam pandan. it was an honour you know :D and adik, you surprised kakak tau by listening to what i said and wore the kain pelikat that day. your shorts were not sexy at all by the way.

Thank you for making my day when i was back at home. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, rajin, and protective. Please take care of ibu cos i'm thousands miles away :( jangan degil and dont forget to switch off the fan in your room. how many times do i have to tell you? -.-'

kakak is very lucky to have you as my brother. i love you bro. and i miss you so much T_T


ps. pmr is not everything. trust me. but it will direct you to your path.

pps. berjaya sama2 di dunia dan akhirat, itu lagi best :)

ppps. to my dearest big bro also, happy belated birthday. i have lots of things to write about you, maybe one day? :) and i love ur vlog bro, keep it up ! ^^

pppps. sayang semua orang ! <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Speaking to myself

Assalamualaikum :)

my name is aynn in case u forgot :p 'ain' or 'aynn' doesnt matter. it's not that i change the meaning pun. for example, Akilah jadi KIKI or AMIRUL jadi MIR or whatever. memang lah tukar habis maksud kan ? >.<

one day kalau rajin i'll tell you where did 'aynn' came from.

So far my third year is still tame -.-' oh except for last week when i was really kelam kabut with therapy exam. alhamdulillah. Surgery exam will be next wednesday. prayyyyyy for me pls?

Blinded by the word 'third year', i always thought that i have no time to do this and no time to do that. Boo me, i still can watch movies once in a while. twice a week maybe? ^^

tapi berblogging patut ONCE IN A WHILE. we'll seeeee. :)

Let's review some of my subjects :

1. Path anat

Interesting subject. the opening of the week. don't know why but since i was in kindergarten i dont like mondays. My lecturer yang sgt ke'mother'an jual ORIFLAME okayh. and and beliau akan pastikan kami bawak bekal utk breakfast setiap isnin. terima kasih cikgu kerana mengambil berat.

would you be my boyfriend, mr path anat? so that i can be devoted to you.

2. Pharmacology. 

Best. :)

3. Therapy

Cikgu yang baik jugak. tapiiiiii..saya kena atrabot next week. sbb tak sempat pg klas 1/9 hari tu. takpe takpe. [atrabot = kelas ganti]

4. Surgery

Cikgu mafia. cikgu paling handsome sbb he can speak in english veryyy fluently. susah lah nak cari org mcm tu kat sini.

Banyak lagi nak tulis. tapi tak larat dah. *mengalahkan salin lecture therapy*

ps. this fragile iman needs to be strengthen.

pps. this broken heart needs to be healed.

ppps. and this emptiness needs to be filled. not by anyone. but HIM.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Best of me

You know i'm hoping you'll sing along

Though it's not your favourite song

Dont wanna be the wind

There's nothing left to say


third year yang cool. so far. :)

PS. severe homesick. why why so mengada. i keep on stalking ibu EVERYDAY which i rarely did before. BUT there's nothing to stalk pun. just tgk her pictures again and again.

PPS. i really had a great time at home. 

PPPS. 10 months to go !

PPPPS. move on aynn -.-'