Sunday, January 1, 2012

Give me a chance to win your heart

, dear 2012.

This year on 29th August, i'll be 21! *boleh kahwinnnn!*

Well numbers don't matter. The most important think is being more MATURE! mature in how you see things, how you react towards a problem, mature in giving opinions, mature in making a decision.

pheeewh, and the list goes on.

and like any other human beings in this world, i hope for the best for 2012.

Hopefully dapat jadi anak, kakak, adik, dan kawan yang solehah. In future, a solehah doctor, wife and mother, insyaAllah :p hehe


Hari tu dapat a msg from a junior of mine from mrsm lgk. She asked me to write some wisdom words for the new comers. And I was like okayy, i know i'm not 'qualified' enough to inspire other people. But I gave it a try. It wouldn't do any harm pun kan? :)

Lepas tu terbaca an entry from abg maher's blog. He said, i mean he wrote, memang secara lumrahnya juniors akan pandang tinggi seniors. It doesn't mean that the seniors are flawless. But we can actually learn a lot from them, even from their mistakes. =') tsk tsk. i really miss my juniors in lgk.

We were very close because i was a LDP for their floor. So any fights, not going to surau for subuh prayers, any curiosities, difficulties, they searched for kakak ldp. -.-'' My fav memory of them was when they organized a candle light dinner for us on their last night before going home as form 1 students, few weeks b4 spm :(

Alhamdulillah, i met so many wonderful ppl so far, and i hope 2012 will do the same ! :D

With arms wide open, i welcome you, 2012. ^_^

ps. and dear seniors, i really look up to you guys, even when i was in standard one, when i think those seniors in standard 6 were all grown-ups.

Assalamualaikum :)


Schajar McFlurry said...

happy new year aynn!

etie aziz said...

hehe.. hye akak LDP! :D

aynn nabila ruslan said...

hajar, happy new year to yu tuuuu! :D have fun in italy nnti ^_^

acu, hai adik homeroom >.<! hehe

Maher said...

oh? ada nama saya di situ. haha, nasib baik baca artikel di atas buat kali kedua.....kalo tk sampai bila2 tk perasan nama disebut..

tak tau plk tugas LDP sampai kena jaga floor (aspuri?).....dahsyatnye langkawi

aynn nabila ruslan said...

abg maher, alamak kantoi :p
a'ah, kitorg dulu setiap floor ade bilik ldp+bwp, kene jage budak2,haha
abg maher dulu ldp?

Maher said...

haha. oh bilik ldp/bwp...kire mcm kat jasin jaga dorm...

tak sy bkn ldp, sy dulu bwp. dh menang, tp last2 diorg tk tau nk bg jawatan ap kat sy, bg je biro kebajikan sbb kesian. cis.