Thursday, February 23, 2012

Putting it together

These few days i really wanted to write some things which i know only 2, 3 ppl will read them. that's the good part. But I've been thinking to start a new blog. Because you see, i deleted yesterday's post because i think i let myself out too much. You don't know how I love to act macho while inside here is falling into pieces.

I've been thinking too much lately. My friends said that this is my longest PMS everr. Amaigad, you can notice my pms? the fragile me. I cried reading someone's blog and while watching dramas. which i rareeeeeely did. sebab hati macam batu. I almost burst into tears when i saw ibu's face on skype yesterday, i mish her! o yeah, fyi, we skype everyday.

So now you know why i hate pms. It's easier to blame the hormones than yourselves. hihi.

enough about hormones. so yesterday i was saying on how i struggled to wear tudung when i was in form 5. Several changes it made, i have to 'bersiap' an hour earlier before going out anywhere, gosok tudung dulu, this has to match with that, takut rambut rosak, bla bla bla. with a very thin iman of mine i decided to wear tudung only if i happen to have 'time' to bersiap. I carried that lousy attitude with me until I entered intec. alhamdulillah this is not a problem to me anymore. In fact, i would explain proudly to those russians who are always curious why we have to cover our hair.

But but but, hijab is not only about tudung. It's about the whole aurah. the way you talk, the way you laugh, the way you walk etc etc.

This is the big problem now. One step at a time i decided. Start to make small changes but do it istiqamah-ly.
Istiqamah - that's the hardest part. :(

One thing i admit very hard to be istiqamah in, is wearing socks. genuinely speaking. won't be saying much on that until i can permanently wear it. People say, walk the talk. T_T

 the lourve, paris

the lourve <3
historical mona lisa

from top of eiffel

on cruise. the magical eiffel ^_^
at compound of Versailles Palace

the garden of the palace

ps. i thought i wanna write about paris, brussels and dusseldorf, but aren't they basi already? ^_^ nantilah perhaps. biar bertambah basi.
pps."Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal wakeel.Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us) He's the creator of hearts, He knows when we're being truthful. ape yg penting, niat (hadith 1). :D my dua's with you always <3"
Jazakillahu khairan mary ! and you also, have my dua <3 <3 ^_^
ppps. paksu is having an operation today. let's pray for him :)
pppps. Sometimes they just don't get your innuendos. it's a sad thing.

Assalamualaikum :)


Shafinaz said...

yeah. I've had my fair share of that kinda pms jgak. wrote something then rasa mcm too much exposure then the sudden feel of making a new blog, which I did! now regretting it bcos i kinda miss reading my old blog. but there's nothing i could do. in a way im glad that i get rid off it; the previous blog.

Schajar McFlurry said...

=) *just wanna put a smile here*

etie aziz said...
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etie aziz said...

pms? weheeeeeee citer la sal paris sume,, nak baca2!! ngee

aynn nabila ruslan said...

schafi : yes! i'm thinking of doing that toooo, and if i do, it'd be my 6th blog. haiyaa =.=' but we can always blame our pms ;p

aynn nabila ruslan said...

hajar : nak senyumannnn besarrrr utk hajar :D <3

aynn nabila ruslan said...

acu : woooooooooooo, malas2..hehe

wawaroxx said...

aynnn: I miss Paris so much!! p/s: suka sangat lagu nih. lagu apa ye?