Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Times

Bella Vista Langkawi. That was the place.

Our first iftar outing in langkawi. With my ohana (507 classmates) of course.

I definitely remembered the trip most of all. haha. For a reason.

We were wearing our outstanding orange in colour baju batik.  i remember their excited faces enjoying the awesome evening view of langkawi. ^^

Seeing their happy faces looking at the rocky beach, i volunteered myself to take a picture of them. So i went down a tembok SLOWLY. and there you go, i slided for about 30 m. T_T
my classmates were total silence.

HAAAAAAAA..sape berani nak gelak cakap ? lol. i was about to cry u know until i saw my other TWO friends were like also 'terdampar' on the rocks.
*eh takkan dorang jatuh jugak? hoho. ade geng !

My other ohanas were shouting from above, "aynn! zazee! fiqa! are you guys okay?" waving at us.

ME : OKAY OKAY..except for my baju kurung! *looking at my LUMUT-ed baju kurung*

We climbed up the tembok and went straight to the 5-star rated toilet. like, seriously cantik. Lepas cuci-cuci baju batik yang ORANGE tu *wat do u expect? mestilah the lumut will still be there!* 
i was ready to meet the whole rakyat of 507. aish the guys, sorang2 muka tahan gelak. takpe takpe. ;p

Bella Vista Hotel

and everyone knows what happened next. We ATE happily ever after :D

When we were back in maktab after the iftar, i went to the toilet again to finish my 'cleaning' session. oh this time, it was not a 5 star toilet :p

On my way to the toilet, CAK ! he popped out from his classroom. alah, u know who.

him : kenapa comot ni ayn?

me : ayn jatuh tadi. long storyyy. :(

him : oh, alhamdulillah ok. tell me the whole story nnti.

me : okay okay. ayn pg dulu. 

*ps. that was how he spelled my name. fyi.

 ceit. cerita lama.  wekk.

Semoga mereka sentiasa berada di bawah jagaan dan rahmat Allah selalu. bila nak reunion? insyaAllah :)

cikgu physics fav <3

selling donuts !

this song reminds me of you guys. sape lagi kalau bukan fats yang suruh dengar lagu nie ? :D 

assalamualaikum :)

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