Saturday, April 16, 2011


Even though we do not have the same parents, there's something between us that keeps us together. ^_^

and i'm sure you know what it is :)

1. Zukhrijr (rumah zukhruf + hijr) sleepover :)

jzkk zukhruf !

2. Awesome park belakang rumah.

great weekend ! xnak naik dah 'roller coaster' tu. T_T merry go round jugak best.

PS. next week colloq biochem. sila jgn byk main ok aynn.

PSS. Brikalin Vladimir Andreevich just passed away last thursday. adore him since the first time i saw him. RIP.

PSSS. Allah gave me only two brothers. BUT hundreds lovely sisters <3


MofarRahman said...

gud luck for ur biochem :)

sape cikgu eah?

aynn nabila ruslan said...

artiukina T_T
tq !!

MofarRahman said...

hahha. same2. artiukina? = disasters.