Saturday, May 21, 2011

British accent

Let's learn how to speak in british accent!

Since today was supposed to be alhijr's english day and we did not speak a word in english, we would like to do an 'atrabot' tomorrow.
*and allow me to use some russian words pls*

AND PLEASE DO ASSUME that i am totally speaking with british accent right now. LOL.

i've watched some videos on YOUTUBE, so there are some tips on how to speak just like HARRY POT-EH.
*actually some ppl would pronouce it as harry poTTer. (stressing on the T)

So here we go..

1. Like i just said, pronounce your T's. For the word DUTY, in America, they pronounce it as 'doody' but Londoners say 'duty' with a hard T.

american = i wanna go for a walk.

londoner= i wanT To go for a walk.

2. Letter U is pronounced as 'eeuwww'. Let's use the word DUTY as an example again. So we shall say 'dyuti' instead of 'doody'.

3. Speaking with British accent will leave behind your R. So, CAR becomes CAH (don't put so much stress on the H) and park becomes PAHK.

4. Letter O. okay this one is quite difficult to explain it in words, but i'll try! hmm, you know the sound O when you say 'ORANG' and the O sound when you say 'awesome'? they are diff right? British people pronouce O like you pronouce O in 'ORANG'.

american = there are a lot of books on the table.

londoner = there ah a LOT of books on the table.

*okay obviously you can't see the diff!* =.='' boo me.

But i think you are clear with that, don't you? :)

we did not learn much from Rowan Atkinson simply because he hardly had any scripts
 as Mr Bean. :)

whatever aynn =.='

So i guess that's all. Sometimes we should speak in english to improve our language and i seriously think that my english is rusting :/

ps. New vocab : chin-wag. Meaning - a light informal conversation for social occasions aka CHAT !

pps. chin wag with you later ! = chat with you later ! :D

Assalamualaikum :)


MofarRahman said...

integhesting! (french) :)

aynn nabila ruslan said...

British accent is veli intelesting! (apek jual sayur ckp english) :D

etie aziz said...

chin wag!!! haha.. :D