Friday, May 6, 2011

Cos she is a hypocrite

Have you ever felt like being a hypocrite?

Based on wikipedia, hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have beliefsopinionsvirtuesfeelingsqualities, or standards that one does not actually have. Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie.

For me, sometimes i feel it too.


For example, if  he or she wrote 'SAYA NAK MAKAN AISKRIM' in her or his blog. how would you know what kind of intonation she's or he's using. is he EXCITED? CRYING? SCREAMING? or he (she) said it in a lemah lembut way?

So some readers would say, "eleh bajet baik gila minah tu. dalam blog bukan main lagi nasihat2 orang. kat luar dia tak macam tu pun. ketawa bukan main lagi." (haha)?

In my opinion la, (i repeat, my opinion ok, not urs) what is totally wrong with that?

Let's say, in real life, he might curse like every single second on every single thing, but in his blog he wrote something about Islam, he gives advices, or he's doing amar maaruf nahi mungkar, can you say that he is a hypocrite ?

at least he did not CURSE in his blog also kan? dah kurang satu dosa. and who knows, thru his writings maybe 1 person out of 100000 will actually think again abt what he wrote and apply it in his daily life. kan tambah pahala?

kalau kat luar tu dia dah terbiasa cursecurse tu kita doakan lah one day he will change ok?
maybe he tried ! kita je tak tahu.

okayyy. sebenarnya taktahu nak tulis apa. something, someone is bothering my mind. :/

ps. planning something for mother's day. hopefully Allah izinkan :)

pss. excursion to mamaev kurgan at 11 am sgt la mencabar. panas wo.

psss. colloq microb postponed. T_T

pssss. cuti 3 hari nak buat ape? g masjid, bbq, rehlah, den pabedi.

psssss. KIROVSKY DAY II. semoga Allah buka hati muslim muslimat volgograd untuk dtg..

pssssss. FRIDAY is alhijr's english day !

ekskursia nie sgt fun sebenarnya. One thing i can observe, Russians are very patriotic.

spasiba balshoe Alla Nikolaevna :D <3

Assalamualaikum :)


MofarRahman said...

salam alaikum.

woah. terasa. cos im kinda 'he' too. astaghfirullah. T__T

nice entry, btw. :)

aynn nabila ruslan said...

x rase sume org penah hypocrite ke? for some reasons kan.. :s

tq !