Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Question Mark ?

Do not put a question mark where Allah SWT has put a fullstop to it.

Why do you need to pray?
Why do you need to wear hijab?
Why do you need to fast?
Why can't you say bad words or curse?
Why can't u kill someone?
Why can't you eat pork?
Why do you need to obey your parents?


Random questions :

Q : Are you really a better person right now?

A : i'm trying to.

Q : Why is it so hard to share some pictures in fb or blog?

A : why should i? i share my pics only with my family. plus, bahaye wo gamba2 nie :)

Q : Why do you write a blog?

A : I believe i can share something with you through this medium and when Allah asks me did i do amar maaruf nahi mungkar when i was alive, i can say yes. InsyaAllah.

Q : Did you really do everything that you wrote here?

A : Fitrah manusia itu pelupa T_T pls remind me to do so :(

Q : What bothers you lately until you couldn't concentrate on biochem yesterday?

A :  :( ala, you knowww. something which i can't avoid.

Q : Why can't you tell it here?

A : Why should i let ppl know my weakness?

Q : So, it's your weakness?

A : Basically yeah. and by telling eveyone my problem publicly IS a weakness jugak in my oppinion la.

Q : okayyy. Well, i'm sure you'll overcome it. So, any pesanan?

A : Jangan tertipu dengan blog nie. Si penulis pun sedang perbaiki diri. Tapi proses tersebut akan jadi lagi best kalau orang2 sekeliling penulis pun turut 'join' bersama :D dan penulis ini masih lagi org yang sama mcm dulu 'loud and noisy' when she's surrounded by ppl she loves and comfortable with <3

Assalamu'alaikum :)

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Schajar McFlurry said...

miss u sooo much aynn~